We bring Good Health and Wellness to your workspace with Greenery.

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Save Energy
  • Improve Productivity
  • Foster Creativity
  • Improve Wellness
  • Reduce Ambient Noise
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Lower Mental Fatigue
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Stress Levels


Bagicha Design Process

Bagicha Design = Intersection of Art + Plants + Technology

design process

Initial Design Consultation

Our design consultant will meet you to do an onsite walk thru your site or on a call to gather and scope our the project requirements and work with you to understand your vision, functional requirements and budget.
We offer you a complimentary consultation to evaluate your needs and to get to know each other.

Digital renderings

We can provide plant placements on floor plans, photo imaging and CAD drawings to create visuals using software technology that helps you visualize your green space.
The graphics and images makes communicating ideas to the team or to management easy and helps in making the right decisions for the project.

Design Development

Bagicha Designer will survey and gather information for planning including measurements, light readings for plantscape design and will develop a Design proposal for your project based on your inputs and requirements.
This would be an interactive and iterative process where we make sure that we create the right package for your needs.

Installation and Maintenance

We will work with you to get the design installed and provide a guaranteed maintenance service agreement to take care of the installations and keep them healthy, green and thriving.
Guaranteed maintenance means that we will make sure that your plants are looking fresh and vibrant at all times and you can enjoy the biophilic benefits of plants.

Floor Planters – Planters and Plants

We help you curate the right style, colors and combination of planters and plants for your work space.

We have established relationships with various vendors and nurseries for planters and plants. Light Weight, stylish and sustainable these planters are made of Eco-fiberglass material with 30% lower fossil fuel and recycled plastic content. They come in 50 different colors/finishes.

Floor planter
Floor planter
Floor planter
Floor planter

Our plants are hand picked from the best nurseries and come ready to be installed indoors. A wide variety of plant palette based is available for you to create the perfect look for your workspace. We will create a plant placement document based on the light conditions and the functional requirements of the work space which will have detailed information on the planters and plant varieties.

Living Foliage Walls & Airplant Walls

Vertical walls create drama and excitement in any workspace.

Bagicha designs, installs and maintains living walls for interiors of a building. These are modular systems of grids and trays made of waterproof material to protect building interior from moisture. The irrigation can be manual or an automated drip system. A variety of plants can be used to create interesting patterns and color on the wall.

Living Wall
Green walls accommodate a large amount of plants in a relatively small space and maximize the benefits provided by the plants in terms of cleaner environment.
Green walls also help dampen noise and provide benefits connected to biophilic design (the idea that people work better and feel better when they have access to nature) in their office/work spaces
Living Wall

TillyArium™ Panel10 and Tillyarium™ Panel3

Airplant panel

They are one of a kind soilless living wall display units that are easy to design and install artistic wall gardens. If you can dream it you can create it with Tillyarium™

Award Winning Product (Best Innovation in design presented by I-Plants/Urban Horticulture magazine 2015), the TillyArium™ Panel is an attractive green edged Acrylic base with metal holders to host Tillandsias (air plants) or wall terrariums. (36” x 22”)

  • Stylish & Versatile
  • Contemporary, sleek and modular units Hang them horizontal or vertical
  • Easy Installation with just four simple standoffs
  • Easy Maintenance Snap in/out makes for easy change outs, watering and redesigning
  • Endless Design Opportunities: you can create Seasonal arrangements, Holiday Décor, Succulent Terrariums, Moss Terrariums, Florals and more.
Airplant panel

Preserved Moss Walls

Moss Walls are a great addition to bring in some Zen into the space.

moss wall

Preserved Moss Walls are made with moss harvested from nature in its prime condition and has gone through a preservation process. They go through a preservation process and are dyed with natural resin and vegetable dye. Moss walls are then custom built on-site at Bagicha. These are individually built at our studio and can be hung like paintings. We can create any shape and size and also incorporate company logos as part of the moss art.

The maintenance on this is almost zero-maintenance – no watering or fertilizing as they are preserved moss. It is amazing that it is natural and organic yet requires no maintenance. We can use them in dark areas as there is no need for light as well except to enjoy it as a piece of artistic greenery. They will stay green and maintain their vibrancy for years to come.


Guaranteed maintenance service for Floor Plants and Living wall maintenance.


Our Horticulture team provides guaranteed plant maintenance. This includes watering, dusting, cleaning, fertilizing, trimming and rotating the plants as needed.

All maintenance work will be provided by our neatly dressed, well trained plant technicians who are capable of working efficiently and discreetly to provide a reliable service all year around to keep the plants fresh, healthy and thriving.

For some reason if any plants do not do well, they will be replaced with a new plant of similar quality, size and variety. We track our client’s green assets and our service visits using the latest software systems to build quality assurance and efficiency in our maintenance process.

We strive to provide great customer service and build a partner relationship with our clients by using dedicated service technicians to provide consistency and easy point of communication, accommodating client feedback/requests by the following week of service and most importantly listening to our clients.

Color Rotation with Orchids and Bromeliads

Monthly rotation provides a welcoming touch to the office lobby, reception or collaborative areas.

color rotation

We provide Orchid rotation and bromeliad rotation program with desktop arrangements so that our clients can enjoy a riot of tropical colors all year long.


We can add flair to your events with colorful and fresh decorations.

Weekly Floral

We provide a weekly floral service to our clients. Beautiful, fresh and colorful, these floral arrangements add color to the lobby décor, reception areas and exec offices.

Corporate events

We deliver custom arrangements for Corporate events like boardroom meetings, partner meetings, company team parties, holiday parties etc

Client Gift

When you want to thank your partners or clients with a bouquet of flowers, we can create and deliver it with a special note from you.

weekly floral
weekly floral
corporate events
client gift
color rotation
color rotation
color rotation
weekly floral
weekly floral
corporate events
client gift
color rotation
color rotation
color rotation

Holiday Décor

Let us help you decorating and getting you ready for the Holiday season.

We offer faux Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths with led lights during holiday season. Book early with us and we can help you plan your theme and colors for the Holidays.

Holiday decor
Holiday decor

Wreaths Garlands Christmas Trees – Lobby decoration made easy. You pick a theme and we will set it up for you.

Holiday decor